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Jan. 2014: News about the next album!

Apoptose's fifth studio album will be released in spring 2014.

The title will be Ana Liil.

Nov. 2013

!!! New website design !!!

Apoptose is on Soundcloud now. At the moment you'll find some rare stuff there to download for free.
Go to soundcloud.com/apoptose-a

Sept.-Nov. 2013

mixing the new as yet untitled album

Schattenmädchen 5 year anniversary: free download track

To celebrate the five year anniversary of the release of "Schattenmädchen" Apoptose provides you with a free mp3 download of
"Unbewohnt (Karla)"!

This track is a shorter remix of the album track "Karla". It was released exclusively on a compilation of the German Gothic magazine "Orkus" back in July 2007. Enjoy!

Feb. 2012

APOPTOSE & JOY OF LIFE take part in the "No Red Seas" benefit compilation with an unreleased extended mix of WARRIOR CREED. This mix is really special and it waited several years for the right moment to see the light of day. Go to
http://noredseas.bandcamp.com/ and grab it!
no red seas compilation
Apoptose tour 2011/12: update February 27th

Last Saturday in Barcelona the autumn/winter-tour of Apoptose ended with a "bang!". Thanks to all people who attended the four shows in Mannheim, Legnica, Leipzig and Barcelona! It was great to see you and to talk to many old and new friends!

Thanks also to Janine, Rui & Jörg of L'affaire fatale, Malgorzata of Intermediale, Toralf and Sven of Equinoxe and David of La Esencia! I/we felt very comfortable at your gigs!

Of course a special warm thank you to the special guests on stage: Gary Carey, Silke and the four Catalunyan drummers Isaac, Carles, Daniel and David! You made all these shows unique!

Cheers and see you soon!
Silke & Rüdiger / Apoptose

Apoptose live on stage in Barcelona/Spain

The next Apoptose concert will take place in Barcelona/Spain on February 25, 2012.
Sala Demonix,
Av Fabregada, 91 Hospitalet de Llobregat (BCN)

Lineup for this night:

Pre Sale:17€ --- Doors:20€

Info & Reservations: laesencia.org@hotmail.com See also the
facebook profile for this event.

Oktober 2011: Nordland finally rereleased

Time to travel north again: Apoptose's long out of print first album "Nordland" is back - even more beautiful than before.

On its release in the year 2000 Nordland instantly became a cult record for lovers of orchestral ritualistic soundsculptures. Like ancient stone circles on barren landscapes the solemn music reminds of an age when the eternal cycle of growth and decay ruled human life. Finally this ambient classic is available on CD again.

The album was carefully remastered to ensure that favourite tracks like "Abschied von der Sonne", "Nordlicht" or "Nidstang" sound better than ever. The bonus track "Svartisen" originating from same era as the Nordland recordings enhances the line-up. So even those who know Nordland for ages will discover some new facets of this gem.

Additionally the designers revisited the whole artwork and created something completely new to compliment the timeless music. The CD is housed in a multiple-panel fold-out cover featuring a separate cardboard CD-sleeve.


Unter Bewusstsein
Abschied von der Sonne
bonus | Svartisen (listen to an excerpt of this song)

The CD is available now from TESCO and in the coming weeks from the usual special interest dealers.




Apoptose - Nordland (2011)

Apoptose – Nordland

Release date: October 2011
Label: TESCO Organisation
Cat.-No.: TESCO 086
Running time: 61 min
Moving pictures, please!

You all know youtube.com, don’t you? I was positively surprised to find quite a few videos with Apoptose music there. Some of them are really nice but most are somehow “minimal”: just one single still image for the whole running time of the song. Yes, I know the purpose of these clips but they are boring anyway.


Directing video-clips isn't exactly my favorite hobby. All video-software that I tried in the past drove me nuts so I dropped the whole thing for the sake of keeping my inner peace. But I am sure there are a lot of talented people out there who know how to do it. So all the video enthusiasts amongst you are kindly encouraged to warm up the equipment, choose your favorite Apoptose song(s) and direct a video the way you like it. No matter if it is abstract or realistic or a cartoon or anything else. It is completely up to you what you consider to be adequate for the respective song. There is only one requirement: moving pictures, please!


There is no deadline, just think about it for some time and an appropriate idea will arise sooner or later. Feel free to contact me via nordland[at]apoptose[dot]net when you have any more questions. 

This is not meant to be a competition. Let's just make youtube a better place. ;-) 






March 2010: BANNWALD is available!

You can order your copy from the Tesco webshop or get it from the record dealer of your choice. It is also available as digital download from iTunes, Amazon etc.

For those of you who understand German language you can read an extensive review and interview about Bannwald on the NONPOP website.

Apoptose - Bannwald CD

Apoptose "Bannwald": 8-panel cardboard package with booklet and CD-sleeve
December 2009: Apoptose at the movies

Recently the new movie from Estland's award winning director Veiko Ồunpuu premiered in Tallinn. It is called  "The Temptation of St. Tony" and features a track by Apoptose. The international release of this movie is scheduled for 2010. Until then you can get an impression and watch a trailer on the official website here.

June 2009: spring/summer news

In spring we finished the work on Apoptose's fourth album "BANNWALD". It will be released later this year via TESCO Organisation.

Some information on that and in depth talk about the Warrior Creed LP is featured in a new interview with Apoptose that was recently published by necroweb.de. This interview is in German language.

December 2008: APOPTOSE + JOY OF LIFE LP


It took some time but it was worth waiting: The Joy of Life/Apoptose LP "Warrior Creed" was released on the day of the Winter Solstice 2008! Mastering was completed on Summer Solstice so this release is perfectly in tune with the cosmic cycle. You see, we do everything to enhance your listening pleasure...


The gatefold cover became a real beauty. You'll love it! Please check the recently updated "Artwork" space for a closer look.  You can also listen to some song-previews on the Apoptose myspace profile.


The LP is available now from TESCO and in the coming weeks from the usual special interest dealers. It is limited to 600 copies, so don't wait too long!


Some people asked if "Warrior Creed" would be released on CD as well. Sorry, but at the moment there are no plans to do that.




Apoptose / Joy of Life LP Warrior Creed

"Warrior Creed" LP
August 2008: all three albums on last.fm and elsewhere

Most of you know last.fm - this big web-community/radio. Of course Apoptose has a profile there, too. Until a couple of weeks ago it was quite boring but now it improved a lot: There you find fullength previews of all tracks of all three Apoptose albums! You can listen to them for free as often as you wish. 


This was made possible by TESCO's recent "web-offensive". They placed much of their catalogue in legal download shops and webmusic-portals worldwide. 




July 2008: Joy of Life + Apoptose = LP

We are delighted to announce that we just finished the work on a joint LP with Gary Carey of Joy of Life. Two of its features are a new interpretation of the legendary Joy of Life song "Warrior Creed" alongside the long out of print original version of this track.
People who saw Apoptose on stage will be happy to hear that the Fanfarenzug Leipzig, the marching band that provided the impressive live percussion, is responsible for most of the drumming on this LP.

This limited and vinyl-only item is hopefully ready for release by Tesco in late summer/autumn. More info soon.





March 2008: awards for Apoptose

Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe? Who cares? Let's talk about the really important awards: Apoptose's Schattenmädchen was voted "Best dark ambient album 2007" by the editors of Stigmata magazine from Belarus (sharing the top spot with Desiderii Marginis). And that is not all: Our live show in Wroclaw/Poland last November was voted in the Top 5 "Best concerts of 2007" by the readers of the Beast of Prey magazine
See yourself:
Beast of Prey

Thank you very much! We hope for the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2050... ;-)




November 2007: back from Wroclaw

The Wroclaw Industrial Festival: 
Gary Carey of the English band Joy of Live joined Apoptose and the Fanfarenzug Leipzig on stage. This night saw the first ever live performance of the song "Warrior Creed". Thanks, Gary! Thanks to all the other people involved who made this special weekend possible! 




Apoptose live at Wroclaw Industrial Festival 

On November 10, 2007, Apoptose & the drummers of the Fanfarenzug Leipzig will play at the Wroclaw Industrial Festival in Wroclaw/Poland on November 10, 2007. And that is not all. We have the honour to announce a very special and surprising guest in our lineup:
Gary Carey of the English band Joy of Life will be with us on stage for vocals. In case you have missed the two fabulous Joy of Life albums "Enjoy" and "Hear the children" you may remember Gary from his collaborations with Death in June or Current 93.

Of course there will be some other notorious bands on stage that night. Be prepared for the wide rage of styles of Merzbow, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Klangstabil and Post Scriptvm.


The VI. Wroclaw Industrial Festival in Poland takes place from November 4th-11th, 2007.  There are many more interesting bands at this fesival like Tuxedomoon, Sigillum S, Sonar, Bad Sector or Bad Sector. For more information please visit the festival's hompages:




May 2007:



out now!


Details: 7 tracks, 62 minutes

Label: TESCO Organisation

Cat.-No.: TESCO 068


The album is available from www.tesco-germany.com.




Apoptose - Schattenmädchen CD
July 2007: ORKUS magazine CD with exclusive Apoptose track

There is an exclusive version of »Karla« on the ORKUS compilation CD No. 31. This is a free CD which comes with the current issue (7/8-2007) of the German Wave-Gothic-magazine ORKUS. This version is called »Unbewohnt (Karla)«. Compared to the original track on the new album »Schattenmädchen« this mix is shorter and more focused on the lyrics.
This issue of ORKUS also features a short article about Apoptose and a review of »Schattenmädchen«. The magazine is sold in most German speaking countries.
More info on




July 2007: »Blutopfer« track on French magazine compilation CD

The current issue of the French language literature magazine ANGST features a CD-R full of fine Dark-Ambient/Industrial artists like Asmorod, Kammarheit, Desiderii Marginis, Svartsinn, Letum etc. You also find the Apoptose track »Zu Füßen der Mutter« on this CD. It is the original version that most of you may remember from »Blutopfer«.
This magazine is limited to 300 copies. More info on






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